I can’t think of a title, can you?|| Aisling & Jessica

"I can’t believe you convinced me to do this." Jessica said to Aisling from the living room as she finished throwing her clothes into a large tote bag for the weekend. This was the first time she was going to be seeing her whole family in over a year and she wasn’t really looking forward to it. This was some big family reunion that her mom had decided to throw and Aisling had some how managed to convince Jessica to go. The deal was that if Aisling went with her, Jessica would attend the family reunion. The red head had though Aisling was joking at first, but she soon realized that it wasn’t a joke. 
"Ready to go?" Jazz asked as she threw her bag onto her shoulder and grabbed the house keys from the side table near the sofa. "Now remember pretty much everyone that’s going to be there is a muggle so if either of us screws up and says something about magic we have to cover the other one up. If we both screw up, we run to my room and take cover." She said as she grabbed her jacket from the back of one of the dinning room chair. "They already thing i’m odd enough so they’ll just brush it off." she explained as she stuffed her jacket into her bag. 

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    For a second Jazz tensed up as Aisling but her arm around her waist, btu quickly she relaxed into the touch. It was...
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    "I know, bonkers really. Told yer’ sista’ that didn’t I?" she joked, a huge smile on her face. The moment Jazz’s head...